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The LGC Clinical Diagnostics' | Maine Standards’ YES Program creates a Hassle-Free Automatic Testing Schedule. Your calibration verification and AMR verification materials are shipped according to your schedule and your test menu. Reminders are emailed twice a year, on the same timeline as CAP, to alert you when testing is due. 


Our YES program not only provides customized, on-time shipping, but comes with these additional benefits:

  • Quick Data Turnaround
  • Access to our Technical Support Team
  • Ready-to-Use Linearity Sets
  • Multiple Product Configurations

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YES Sell Sheet

YES Information Sheet & Test Schedule

Maine Standards' YES Program is the best way to meet your Calibration Verification and AMR requirements. Click on the button below to download the information sheet and test schedule.




A Portfolio of Quality Measurement Tools for Your Lab

LGC Clinical Diagnostics’ Quality Measurement Tools are liquid, ready-to-use, and deliver efficiencies, allowing laboratories to report patient results with confidence. Learn how to simplify your laboratory operations by downloading our information sheet below.